Privacy Policy - MFM and BCCA

Collection of personally identifiable information:
Media Financial Management Association (“MFM”) and its Broadcast Cable Credit Association subsidiary (“BCCA”) may collect email addresses and other personally identifiable data about visitors when such data is voluntarily submitted to or For example, our site uses order forms for visitors to request information, products and services or to become a member. Contact information from the order form is used to send orders and information about MFM to our visitors. MFM collects financial information to bill visitors in connection with their orders. All financial information is collected and maintained and processed on a secured server.

If you supply us with your postal address, you may receive periodic mailings from us with information about new products and services or upcoming events. If you do not wish to receive such mailings, please let us know via email (mail to [email protected], using Mailing List Exclusion as the subject line.)

If you register for or inquire about an MFM or BCCA event or seminar online, you may receive periodic mailings or emails from us about new products and services or upcoming events. We may also share the information you have provided us with others for convention-related purposes. If you do not wish us to share that information, please check the box provided for that purpose when completing the registration form.

Some of the functions of our sites also require registration of personal information. MFM and BCCA use this information to make these functions more effective and provide participants with additional information about MFM and/or BCCA activities. This information is collected and stored in a manner appropriate to the nature of the data.

MFM and BCCA make every effort to ensure the secure collection and transmission of sensitive user information using industry accepted data collection and encryption methodologies.

Neither MFM nor BCCA sell or otherwise disclose such user information outside the organization. However, if you become a member of MFM or BCCA, some information about MFM or BCCA members and key employees, such as names, telephone numbers, e-mail and business addresses, and related information is posted on this site and may be disclosed to other organizations.

MFM and BCCA websites do not target anyone under the age of 18. If you are under 18, please do not submit any personal information. Additionally, please do not submit personal information about or for anyone under the age of 18.

Cookies and Web Beacons:
In order to help enhance the performance and functionality of our sites, MFM and BCCA utilize session, persistent and third-party “cookies” that store a small piece of data on users’ computers and collect certain information about the users’ visit to the site. MFM and BCCA also use cookies to understand users’ browsing and purchasing activities so that MFM and BCCA can measure the success of online advertising campaigns MFM and BCCA run on its sites. Our sites also use web beacons (either directly or from our partners), along with cookies, to determine if a user has visited a particular website. These beacons aid in providing more relevant advertising to the user, as well measuring the success of an advertising campaign, but provide no personally identifiable information.

Cookies are small text files that web servers typically send to users’ computer when they visit a website. Cookies are stored as text files on user’s hard drive, and can be accessed by web servers when the user visits a website or views an advertisement. A session cookie is a cookie that stores information as a user is using the site but is deleted once the browser session is finished. A persistent cookie is a cookie that stores information as a user utilizes the site and stores and uses that information in connection with future visits of the user to the site. Third-party cookies and/or web beacons are cookies or web beacons provided by our technology and/or advertising partners. Any third-party cookie or web beacon that MFM and BCCA authorize for use on its site only collects that information described below for the same stated purposes as if MFM and/or BCCA were directly collecting the information. For a third-party cookie or web beacon, the third-party will have access to the collected information in order to provide us with information or services to enhance the performance and functionality of the site.

The cookies and web beacons MFM and BCCA use collect non-personally identifiable information about users of the site, including: browser used to access the site, date and time, the URL of the page being loaded, users who have visited a particular website(s), any previously assigned cookie identification (a unique identifier assigned to a user to identify repeat visitors), browser window size, the geographic location of the user, device and operating system used to access the site. The information MFM and BCCA collect from these cookies and web beacons is used to determine information about a user’s visit to our sites, including the number of visits, average time spent, pages viewed, navigation history through the website, and other statistics. This information is used to enhance the user’s experience while visiting our sites and to improve the performance of our sites by, among other things, allowing us to monitor site performance, making the site easier to use, measuring the effectiveness of promotional placements, and tailoring the site (including the ads and offers a user receives) to better match a user’s interests and preferences.

Users who prefer not to accept cookies can set their internet browser to notify them when they receive a cookie or to prevent cookies from being placed on their hard drive. If you consent to our collection of cookies and you subsequently wish to withdraw your consent, you will need to manage the settings on your web browser to delete all cookies and disallow further acceptance of cookies. Please note that disabling cookies on your browser will prevent us from tracking your activities in relations to our sites, however, it may also disable some of the functions and features of the sites and the sites may not work properly.

If you would like to determine your consent status, please contact us at: [email protected].

By continuing to use our sites, you are agreeing to our placing cookies and/or web beacons on your computer in order to analyze the way you use our sites. Please read this cookie policy carefully for more details about the information MFM and BCCA collect when you use the site.

If you do not wish to accept cookies or web beacons in connection with your use of this or other MFM and BCCA websites, please discontinue use of the sites.

Changes to the Privacy Policy:
MFM and BCCA reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. Your continued use of this website shall constitute your acceptance of the Privacy Policy.

General Date Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Additional Notice for European Residents:
MFM and BCCA recognize that the European Economic Area (EEA) has established strict protections regarding the handling of EEA personally identifiable information, in particular the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). To recognize the importance of GDPR, MFM and BCCA have adopted the following GDPR Data Processing Policy (“Policy”).

This policy is intended to ensure that you understand the following: a) the entity that is collecting your personal data; b) the purposes for which your personal data is collected; c) how and why your personal data will be used; d) the period during which your data will be retained; and e) how you can contact MFM and BCCA regarding your data.

The following additional information applied to residents of the European Union and other areas affected by GDPR who visit an MFM or BCCA website:
MFM and BCCA process data for the purposes set forth in our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy that includes information about how MFM and BCCA uses cookies.

MFM and BCCA may process personal data, either with your affirmative consent and when engaging in business transactions, commerce, ensuring network security, marketing, and complying with industry practices. MFM and BCCA may also disclose personal data in response to lawful requests by courts and other public authorities.

Persons residing in areas governed by GDPR have the following rights:
- To request and receive a copy of the personal data we have collected about you, please email [email protected], using “Privacy” in the subject line.
- To request we correct or delete any of your personal data that is either incomplete, incorrect, unnecessary, or outdated.
- To object, at any time, to personal data about you being used for marketing purposes.
- To request restriction of using personal data you consider to be inaccurate or otherwise.
- To withdraw your consent at any time.

MFM and BCCA process data based on a) consent of the user (opting-in), and b) the necessity of the data for providing the services for users utilizing MFM and BCCA’s websites. IF YOU DO NOT CONSENT TO THE PROCESSING OF YOUR DATA, PLEASE DO NOT USE, OR ENGAGE WITH, THE MFM and BCCA WEBSITES

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