Networks (formerly committees) and Network members are integral to MFM’s success because they ensure the association is focused on the interests of MFM members.  Defined by subject area or media business type, committees provide members with a smaller setting in which to meet and discuss industry issues.  

Current MFM Networks include Accounting Standards; Audit & Compliance; Customer Finance Operations (fka Media Credit/BCCA Committee); Digital Content+; Games; Newspaper; Radio; Tax Advisory; and Television. In addition to the Networks, we also have the MFMInSites Editorial Board and the Membership, Marketing and Promotions Committee. 

Beginning in September and ending in April, networks meet quarterly by Zoom.  Discussions last 30-45 minutes, with a total amount of time-based topics the committee has chosen to discuss. Each network is chaired by a member typically on the MFM Board.  Some networks have co-chairs. The chair (and when available, the co-chair) work with members to determine areas of interest and set the agenda for the network meetings.  A staff liaison handles the administrative work for each session, sending meeting notifications and preparing summary notes after each call.  

Selected Zoom meetings include guest speakers who share their expertise on a topic of the network’s choosing.  Guest speakers are often asked to serve as panelists at the annual conference. Subjects covered by experts included: reducing credit card processing costs; cord cutting; cyber security; WFH; independent contractor issues and employee reclassification; a discussion of the FASB exposure draft on revenue recognition; paywalls; monetizing the transition to a digital world; lease accounting and FASB standards; and changes to market revenue reports.

One of the keys to the success of MFM’s Annual Conference is its system of networks.  Network members suggest topics for the conference and select coordinators and/or moderators for the sessions. 

Interested in finding out more about MFM's many Member Networks? Contact Amy Burton or Joe Annotti.