What is BCCA?

To be the media industry’s premier provider of credit information, education, and networking opportunities assisting members to efficiently manage credit risk and increase profitability.

Our vision is to be a media-specific leader that provides knowledge and strategic tools for order-to-cash optimization.

BCCA...the media industry's credit association is a subsidiary of MFM (Media Financial Management Association).


In today’s world with major bankruptcies and “slow pay” or “no pay” advertisers, you need current credible information about advertisers before accepting the sales order. The BCCA Credit Reporting Service currently contains more than 60,000 credit reports that can give you a factual basis for determining creditworthiness of new clients. BCCA members can instantly access these reports via BCCA’s on-line credit database, or via phone or faxed request. Processing of new requests begins within 24-48 hours, depending upon the level of priority the member sets. BCCA provides credit reports quickly and accurately so members can focus on the big picture of increasing company revenues.         

Report Units make BCCA memberships an even better value. When requested, current completed BCCA CUSTOM Reports (reports for which no additional work needs to be done) are charged as one report unit (half of a New or Updated Report); Rush requests continue to be charged as two times a New or Updated report or four report units.

In today’s world you need to get information quickly. We are pleased to announce that we are offering members-only access option to our Commercial Credit Reports, as a compliment to BCCA’s Credit Reports, to help meet this need. This report is being offered as additional information to any report BCCA currently has in its database or on a new report being created from a credit application supplied by you. You now can request a BCCA report only or a BCCA Report combination with the Commercial Credit Report, D&B Trade Plus or Equifax Canadian Report.

BCCA Custom Credit Reports

  • Media Industry Specific Reference information
  • Trade Reference information
  • When available FEIN/TIN/EIN, Stock, SIC, Financial and Public Record Information
  • Bank Accounts and Loan Details
  • Collection Detail & Activity
  • Company background from multiple sources
Business/Commercial Credit Reports (2 Units)
  • Experian Data
  • D&B data and enhanced analytics
  • Public information from Edgar online
  • Collection experiences from commercial credit agencies
  • Public record data including liens, judgments, UCC filings and bankruptcy filings
  • Credit Score
  • OFAC Alert
  • Quarterly and 6-month DBT Trends
  • Trade Payment Experience
  • Ansonia Credit Data
D& B Trade+ Reports (3 Units)
  • Company information
  • D&B Payment Habits by Industry
  • D&B Paydex Score
  • Public Records
  • Judgments
  • Tax Liens
  • Bankruptcy
  • EDGAR Financial Statements
Equifax Canadian Reports (3 Units)
  • Company Information
  • Credit Risk and Payment Scores
  • Credit Report Highlights
  • Credit risk score analysis
  • The risk trend
  • Payment performance summary
  • Payment Trend Numbers
  • Credit references

Media Whys...a BCCA Credit Report
BCCA...the media industry’s credit association, has developed a new credit report, called Media Whys, that includes a credit score based on industry-specific aging combined with trade data from Experian or D+B.

To develop the industry-specific reports, BCCA teamed up with Business Credit Reports, the largest independent provider of business and owner credit information, which has created industry-specific credit tools for a number of other industry groups, including the construction, sports, music and medical services markets.

Available only to BCCA members, the media-specific section of the report contains media industry trade payment information, current payment performance and payment trends reported by other industry members.

The report also includes analytics such as a credit logic score - a 0-100 score illustrating risk of severely delinquent payment - and a payment trends graph - which illustrates whether the company is improving, declining, or stable. Additional information included is what users would expect from a comprehensive credit report:

  • Data depth score, 
  • Business failure assessment,
  • Balance to high credit graph,
  • Secretary of State / corporate registration data,
  • Company background data from D&B, 
  • Corporate linkage showing all branches, subsidiaries, and including global ultimate parent, 
  • Data on bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, collection accounts, 
  • UCC Filings, and 
  • The user’s choice of Experian or D&B trade data.

In addition, members interested in performing trend analysis on their accounts and/or in automating their credit decisions based on industry-specific factors will have access to aging analysis and credit decisioning tools.


The BCCA Credit Track is a key component of the Annual MFM/BCCA Conference. This three-day event is your annual opportunity to hear from industry legends as well as to learn from outside professionals and your peers. Speakers and panelists provide the latest thinking on topics such as joint and several liability, bankruptcy, new forms of payments, sales team expectations, technology and tools using the Internet to be more effective and how to become a better manager. Breakfasts, luncheons, breaks, and evening social events at exciting venues give you opportunities to exchange ideas, best practices, and success stories with colleagues from across the country.

The BCCA Media Credit Workshop will focus on credit related issues for the media industry including print/newspaper, television, radio, programming, streaming, out-of-home/outdoor, games and digital media. It is an opportunity to meet with media credit professionals and executives from across the country.

MFM and BCCA online webinars, via Zoom, allow you to keep current on the issues facing our industries from the comfort of your own desk. From the basics of credit management to the complexities of different liability positions, Town Hall Webinars bring you the experts with the information you need. BCCA Members can participate for FREE by contacting [email protected] for a discount code.


BCCA’s website – www.bccacredit.com – is members’ best source for a wealth of Association information. From online credit reports to links to registrations for seminars and the Conference to an electronic archive of The Financial Manager magazine, from an online, continuously updated version of the Membership Directory, Conference information, Distance Learning Seminar updates and copies of BCCA position papers, to industry calendars, a Resource Buyers Guide, and links to other industry information, the BCCA website has what you need when you need it.

The printable MFM/BCCA Membership Directory is your “Who’s Who” of finance and credit professionals in Television, Radio, Cable and other media. The online version, available only to members, is easily accessed from the BCCA website.

Written and recently updated by credit professionals for credit professionals, the BCCA Credit and Collection Handbook takes the reader from credit policy, to payment liability, financial analysis, discrepancies, collection procedures, bankruptcy, cash forecasting, days sales outstanding and rep firms’ role. Sample letters, forms and suggestions provided throughout the Handbook, along with comprehensive glossaries at the end, help today’s credit manager create or improve a media credit department. This Handbook shows how to incorporate credit polices through the use of credit tools and provides methodologies to improve credit operations.

The MFM and BCCA Career Center is your one-stop-shop for everything job related. Still to this day it is an essential resource for employers searching for qualified, highly skilled candidates to fill credit management openings in radio, cable, television and other electronic media industries. Postings are reasonably priced, appear immediately, and can be edited or changed at your discretion. Displaced members find it a source of career opportunities across the country.

The Customer Finance Operations Network (fka Media Credit Network) focuses on the needs of the credit/business managers. This committee is a vital part of the organization. It provides the forum to discuss the latest developments on credit department procedures, equipment and other credit management functions. It is comprised of BCCA & MFM industry members who not only help plan the annual conference panels, oversee writing and revisions of The Credit & Collections Handbook, contribute and find TFM articles, plan the annual BCCA Media Credit Workshop and help coordinate distance learning seminars but also discuss issues and topics that affect all BCCA/MFM members. Provide the forum to discuss the latest developments on credit department procedures, equipment and other credit management functions.