MFM Growth Ambassador

Want to help MFM promote MFM? As a can help and here's how:

Defining the Goal:

  • Increase the number of followers for the MFM page, ultimately increasing awareness of MFM events and overall organization membership
  • Reach more potential members by creating or sharing MFM branded content
  • Engaging with others on MFM content, or engaging with your network on your posts about MFM 

Ideas for creating your own LinkedIn Posts to Promote MFM:

  • Share MFM’s posts to your network. Include a caption on why you think your network will be interested in the article/event
  • Write an MFM testimonial. What kind of benefits have you received from being a member?
  • Share photos or fun memories from MFM in-person events from the past, highlight certain colleagues that you’ve met along the way
  • Use the Give Kudos feature to highlight an MFM buddy and show gratitude for their advice and friendship 

Using Hashtags:

  • Hashtags help non-members find MFM content on social platforms
  • Please use the following 3 hashtags on every post you create or share with your own caption:
    • #mfmmediafinance   #powerinnumbers    #networkingopportunity
  • Other hashtag ideas to use if appropriate to your post:
    • #cpeforcpa  #cpe  #cpeevent 

Other Ways to Contribute on LinkedIn:

  • Simply “like” or “react” to all MFM posts
  • Identify specific contacts in your company and professional network, send direct messages to gauge interest in attending the Transformation Series or other events
  • Confirm your attendance on the Events in LinkedIn, invite your relevant network connections to the events, and share your confirmed attendance via the buttons provided in the Event
  • Write your own LinkedIn Articles 

These same ideas translate to the other MFM Social Media Platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Sharing MFM’s posts to your contacts and followers is the simplest way to get the information in front of more professionals. 

Download MFM Ambassador Pledge Form

Download MFM Ambassador How-to-Instructions

Questions about becoming an MFM Ambassador contact [email protected].