Editorial Calendar

2021 - 2022 Editorial Calendar*

November/December 2021
Spotlight on: Content Creation
Copy Deadline: September 15
Ad Closing: September 21
Ad Materials: October 2

January/February 2022
Spotlight on: People to Watch 2022
Copy Deadline: Nov. 12, 2021
Ad Closing: Nov. 19, 2021
Ad Materials: Dec. 5, 2021

March/April 2022
Spotlight on: Credit & Collections

Special Report: Media Valuation
Copy Deadline: January 8
Ad Closing: January 10
Ad Materials: February 6 

May/June 2022
Spotlight on: MFM & BCCA Award Winners
Special Report: Media Valuation
Copy Deadline: March 7
Ad Closing: March 11
Ad Materials: April 2

July/August 2022
Spotlight on: Conference Recap
Special Report: Media Valuation
Copy Deadline: May 15
Ad Closing: May 20
Ad Materials: June 10

*tentative dates & topics

The Financial Manager is published six times a year by the Media Financial Management Association (MFM) and its affiliate, the BCCA (www.bccacredit.com); 847.716.7000. For more information or to contribute an article please contact Editor: Janet Stilson or Ad Sales: Arcelia Pimentel.