DSO Reports

MFM has a long history of providing its members with valuable statistical tools. About eight years ago, we re-instated the Days Sales Outstanding Report for Television Stations and about 5 years ago added the Radio Stations statistics. This quarterly report has proven itself to be one of the most valuable quarterly sales and benchmarking tools available to broadcasters. To date ten television groups representing nearly 160 stations and seven radio groups representing about 225 stations participate in the reports. The information they provide is only available (in aggregate) to other report participants. MFM does not publicize any of the survey specifics, nor do we make the results available to non-participants.

If your group is interested in being part of either of these reports and can provide DSO statistics for your station group by market increment, please contact Mandy Aoieong ([email protected]) or call 847-716-7000). The yearly charge to participate is $175/group.